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If you're thinking of visiting Belur , Halebid, Sravanabelagola here are a few suggestions for accommodation from one of our regular guests, Stephen Fleming who also knows a thing or two about bees! 

A message from Stephen… to another guest, the MysoreBnB community growing :) 

I have stayed in Belur in 2014 here 

It's OK, very conveniently located and with a restaurant. It has a spacious courtyard, but my room was so big I just brought the bike inside.

I also stayed in Hassan (city is a bit grim) here

It's a modern hotel —  with all that that entails — but the food in the restaurant, which is very popular with locals, was great. It has an underground garage for bikes.

In Mandagere there was tree-house accommodation on an organic farm with a very friendly family. It's not easy to find, but worth the search. Ask me if you need an accurate map (gold dust in India!) check the link here

Feel free to ask about other places in and around.

Stephen the elder (yes there are older Stephens-SF) 

Interested in bees? Check Stephen's recent article on one of his trips to South India

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