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Manjula (from Mysore), Stephen (from the UK) and Lucie (from the street) set up Mysore Bed and Breakfast and Mycycle Tours over nine years ago.

This site describes what we offer and highlights other interests and activities here in Mysore to help your visit be a success. It’s crammed full of info to help you plan your trip and decide what you can fit in, in the time available. There’s Top tips for travel in India, places to visit in and around Mysore, organised tours, help to wander aimlessly…… whatever suits you.

If you’re interested in finding out more about us, our life here, the helter skelter of ‘going with the flows’ in consistently inconsistent India, visit or Blog…

 Our story and life in India


  • our story of life together, Stephen moving to India ten years ago, Manjula initially come to work for him and then turning into ‘the boss’,
  • the challenges of living in India and the wonderful adventures we have with guests at Mysore Bed and Breakfast and our MyCycle Tours.
  • Manjula’s own life from a poor background and adventures since we found each other and fell in love: two BIG trips to the UK, applying for Manjula’s very first passport and visa, getting her IDs in order, setting up the company and Manjula becoming a director, and the ‘alternative’ dog view.

with things to be avoided, including:

  •  Stephen’s attempts at creative writing, some of which provides further insights into ‘differently organised’ India.

It’s gaining an increasing audience from around the world.

It is with great sadness that we announce that Manjula died last year. We continue with our joint creation, in celebration of her life, exactly as she wished. We invite you to come and be part of our story.


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