at Mysore Bed and Breakfast we have commercial maps of the city and further afield in India for guests to use for reference and planning. We’ve also created our own maps of our two fave places Mysore City and Srirangaptnam.  A couple of previous guests have kindly drawn one of the Tibetan Settlement at Bylakuppe. Our maps are downloadable.

Mysore City Map



Our MyCycle Tour of Srirangpatnam, or if cycling is not your thing, our Auto Tour can help you find the places of interest such as the Summer Palace, Temple, riverside restaurant, site of the fourth war of Mysore, riverside activities, Jaggery factory, villages and lovely countryside.



On arrival, if you come and stay with us, at the Mysore bed and Breakfast we’ll provide a simple map of Mysore, personalised with details of the attractions that interest you.


Guests of Mysore Bed and Breakfast, Paul Johanson and Michael Heath have jointly provided a map drawn after visiting Bylakuppe with Vets Beyond Borders. There are two versions follow the link below…

Bylakuppe Map 2036

Bylakuppe map

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