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This page will provide useful signposts and background information about Mysore and India to help you plan your visit. Do write to to provide feedback, ask questions and make suggestions.


We expect to be fully open again in late September 2022.

E-visas are currently not available for Brits (I blame Brexit🤔) but many other country’s citizen’s can. Tourist visas are more restrictive but let’s hope things slowly stabilise.

If you wish to talk through your holiday plans do make contact. There’s also helpful information on this site.

Remember that when planning the most common mistake, even for those with experience is to try and do too much. Everything takes longer in Inja.

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At Mysore Bed and Breakfast the roof garden has shifted to the park opposite. It’s now in Manjula’s Memory and together with the granite benches is for us all to share. We also have a great library, a downstairs sit out and plenty of shared living spaces to relax.

More info…. please always double check.

Mysore Palace

The illuminations of Mysore Palace are at 7pm on Sundays and public holidays. It’s a real treat.

The Sound and Light Show at the Palace is also now in English on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7pm The Palace lights come on for a few minutes towards the end of the show.

Flights to and from Mysore

Now include Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin and Hyderabad. More info here


Many of our guests are interested in learning more about Indian cooking.

Manjula’s cooking, videos.

See her in action here.

A regular request is for Manjula’s insights into preparing her super Dhal. Check her video here

Numerous places provide cooking lessons including our great friends at Gully Tours. Formerly known as Royal Mysore Walks.

Interested in learning more about Mysore history?

Check out our MYCycle Tours here and the site below. C89C6896-6875-4F67-8259-26D7F6C3475F

**** a great page offering insights into the history especially of the royalty of Mysore, here

Our Top Tips

check the slowly evolving list here

planning your holiday.

Mysore Bed and Breakfast work with a number of partners who create itineraries for travellers to India. MYCycle is also listed on a web site that can help you do it for yourself. We tried it out and were impressed by its ease of access. It’s also good at finding things ‘off the beaten track’ so it’ll not necessarily just give you the most popular tourist attractions and activities. Check Inspirock Trip Planner here

Let us know what you think.

What next?

Moving on from Mysore: check this page here for suggestions from previous guests at Mysore Bed and Breakfast for places to go next in Kerala and Karnataka (to be added)


check our page for details of how best to arrive in Mysore from Bangalore.

travellng  by train in a India? Get the lowdown from train stuff here

Insights into india, well obviously number one suggestion is to come stay with us, we guarantee we’re not standard 😉 or of course there are the world famous MYCycle tours. Armchair traveller? Planning for the future? Then check our very own blog. check here


just reprinted and available from Mysore Bed and Breakfast, check them out.


we’ve put together a range of tours  delivered by us or our friends ( so we know you’ll understand them) and they will be a high quality. we can also create itineraries for your stay of however many days.



I know, we’re shameful, posting videos of ourselves….



we strongly recommend the BBC series on India by Michael Woods: the Story of India.


Gowri Habba followed the day after by one of the main festivals Ganesha Chaturthi

Dasara, is the big one, usually in October. Info is available at Wikipedia or the official site although it can sometimes be a bit confusing and last minute. Do feel free to contact us with specific questions. Please Note its best not to buy the gold tickets but get the silver tickets or the specific entry for access to the Palace for the start of the procession.

There seems to be one every week. Check with us to find out if we know of anything happening during your stay.


Tom and Amy get a special mention for the videos they’ve created about Manjula’s cooking and Stephen’s cycle tours. Check out the fun they had in Mysore

We also recommend their blog  Seeking Skies as a great resource for new and established travellers to India. There are wonderful pictures, insightful text and professional videos that will grab you. Recent entries have included another side to Varkala one of our favourite sea-side places south in Kerala, visits to Mumbai and now Sikkim.

Our story in our own bloglet can be found at

Articles about India and Mysore

Guardian (Uk Newspaper) Article on top Yoga retreats

It mentions three of the places to be found in Mysore. There are many more. We often have yoga students coming to stay, often before their programme begins to get a thorough introduction to the city and its communities.

The kingdoms of South India

provides interesting insights into the history of South India and highlights the Hoysala empire whose temples at Somnathpur, Belur and Halebid can be visited on trips from Mysore.

or this site with details and unusual pics of aspects of the royalty here


Recommended reading on India

Fiction: Fine Balance

Non-Fiction: ‘The end of India’: Kushwant Singh

Want advice on books about India, send an Email, or check Manjula’s Library at Mysore Bed and Breakfast.

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