Manjula’s Mysore

Manjula’s Mysore is the same and different, we’re in India after all.

Our new logo incorporating Mysore Bed and Breakfasts but not replacing it.

We’ve set up a new business with Satish and Tanuja as the founding Directors. Our priority is to remember and celebrate Manjula by reflecting her kindness.

Satish and Tanuja, with Tanuja’s husband and daughter on our holiday to Kannur

As part of this, later in 2022 (in September) we’ll fully reopen Mysore Bed and Breakfast and MyCycle Tours inviting old and new friends for a great introduction to Mysore and get to know Manjula.

A Canadian family on a recent tour of Srirangapatnam

There is now a third string to our bow.

We’ve always supported others since the first cycles we gave to Kanchana for her kindergarten and by providing work. When Manjula and I got engaged she insisted we give rather than receive gifts: cycles to an NGO working with trafficked young people, clearing a loan for one of our auto rickshaw drivers. But this wasn’t a afterthought. it was how Manjula lived. She created an open house, a home for our guests to share with other Aya’s (houseworkers) calling in for a tea, to talk through things and get support.

Since losing Manjula we’ve given many more cycles, handed out our very own branded masks, sponsored a young boy’s education, provided meals for older people at an Ashram, placed benches and created a memorial garden in the park opposite our house and taken our team on holiday as a big thank you.

installing the granite benches

We’ve just held a great event for visually impaired young women and introduced them to cycling.


Here’s our press release and we were featured in a few local papers.

Next we’re hoping to sponsor the education of a young girl from a similar background to Manjula. Here’s our likely candidate.

We’re open to new ideas or if you wish to stay or cycle, contact Stephen at

More Information about this work can be found on our sister site

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