How to get from Bangalore to Mysore

And the other way round!

please remember it always takes longer than you expect and things are differently organised in India.

It can take up to four hours travel time from the airport to Mysore Bed and Breakfast, so be prepared.

Our preference if we just want to get there is a taxi, if it’s for enjoyment, then we catch the train.

Travel from Bangalore.

There are the following options

Taxi pick up and drop. We can arrange a taxi to pick you up, at a competitive price, (starting at 2800 Rs depending on vehicle). Just email Stephen with flight details or where you’d like to be picked up if you’d like to do this.

Flybus direct from the airport to Mysore. Limited times. Check the web for details or to book

Bus (a total of  3), catch the regular bus from the airport to Bangalore centre then bus (shuttle) or auto rickshaw/taxi to satellite bus stand followed by bus to Mysore. Regular times.

Bus to Bangalore centre from the Airport then train.

Train tickets can be bought in advance or within an hour of the journey from the kiosk on the relevant platform (was No. 9) . Journey can take as short as two hours (shatabdi express) or over three hours depending upon the train. Check time on net with make my trip, clear trip or the rail service.

The flights between Bangalore and Mysore airports are, I believe, currently suspended. They are likely to be reintroduced in September 2017 but who knows how long they will last.

All methods are manageable within half a day, the journey takes 3-4 hours plus.

Please note there are pre pay auto rickshaw stands in Mysore at the railway station and bus stand. 

Ask Stephen to email details of how to find Mysore Bed and Breakfast.

Travel to Bangalore or Bangalore Airport  from Mysore Bed and Breakfast 

There are the following options:

Taxi. Vasanth can arrange a taxi, at a competitive price.

The train is probably my favourite (although I mostly use a taxi to and from the airport). The shatabdi has AC chair and is among the quickest. I like standing in the open doorway!

Bus (x2) from Mysore to Bangalore satellite bus stand centre then bus (shuttle) or auto rickshaw/taxi to main bus stand. Regular times. To get to Bangalore Airport requires catching a third shuttle bus from Bangalore centre.

If you really want to bus it, the only really efficient way is on the Fly bus direct from Mysore to the airport. Limited times. Check the web for details of timings or to book

There are currently no flights between Mysore and Bangalore airports. They are threatening to reintroduce them in September 2017 but who knows how long that will last.

All methods are manageable within half a day, the journey takes 3-4 hours plus.

Mysore Weather

I’m British and we like to talk about the weather (we’re usually complaining). Here, in Mysore, I’m denied that dubious honour as  the weather is pretty good throughout the year.


Even in the main Monsoon period of June, July and August, we mostly receive just limited rain, maybe one shower per day.

After Monsoon and throughout winter is the best weather. It’s in the 20’s and sometimes might reach the 30’s with a cooler evening and night.

It can get quite hot, into the 30’s and sometimes at the top end of the 30’s, that’s in Summer which is April, May and June.

Whatever, the heat is quite dry so we escape the humidity that’s often found elsewhere in South India and especially on the coast in the summer months.


Having said all that, India is anything but predictable so it can change. Over the last few years we have experienced earlier summers, even less rain and cooler nights, but it’s still really good.

So, Mysore actually is a great all-year-round destination.



Our roof top sit-out is available to enjoy it!

So, what is there to do in Mysore?

How long to stay?
We are asked so often that we thought we’d show what visitors have experienced and thought after staying here.
Our current guests are an English family living in France with mum and dad and two pre teen children. It goes without saying they are a lovely group, gang, team….. They ARE staying here 😉  ALL our guests are great.


They have been here three nights and have covered the following:

Walk up Chamundi Hill followed by dinner in one of our favourite roof-top restaurants Hotel Roopa.

Next day after breakfast at our place, Vasanth in his auto rickshaw took them to the Silk Mill, followed by the Maharaja’s Palace and then the idiosyncratic art gallery at Jaganmohan Palace. Royal Mysore Walks provided a walking tour to introduce the city, market and street food. Dinner was veg Indian feast prepared by Manjula.


On the third day, it was equally packed. Pancakes for breakfast. A MYcycle tour of Srirangapatmam that lasted most of the day followed by late lunch at the riverside restaurant. Vasanth then helped them sort out their bus tickets to travel on to north Kerala on the fourth day.

Their verdict? We’ll let them speak for themselves.


To us, it has reinforced one key fact. They’ve had a wonderful time and managed to fit a lot in during their stay. As with most of our guests they wish to stay longer. Once people spend time here and realise it’s a lovely easy-going accessible city with year-round great weather and much more to do than they first thought, they all feel that. If it was possible to stay (it isn’t) our family might fit in another trip to the island, see some of the local artisans, art museum, sand sculptures, more of the countryside and even do a bit of shopping.

Please note: you can find more details of the highlights listed above in our page of ‘things to do in and around Mysore.’

one night stands are not all they’re cracked up to be.

yes, one night stands are just not enough!

most guests, once they’re here, wish they had the time to stay longer.

When we first started sharing our home and leading cycle tours, most guests would stay just one or two nights. We now find that most guests choose to stay longer, as they realise how much there is to see and do. Some even base themselves here of most of their holiday.


Here in Mysore, we’re a bit laid back and not so good at ‘blowing our own trumpet’. If you look at the promotional material, you’d be forgiven for thinking there is little to do here.

But its not true!

Our web site is designed to introduce you to who we are and what we do but above all to help you to have a satisfying experience. To enjoy Mysore and to want to return. So this web site offers information to help you plan and make the most of your trip. Introducing:

Things to see and do
Places to visit
Maps to help you get around
Aspects of ordinary life to get an insiders view

If it would help we can put together 3-4-5 or more day itineraries or offer advice to create your own, in advance or once you’re here.

We look forward to welcoming  you to this wonderful city.

Manjula and Stephen

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