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Mysore and Srirangapatnam Cycle Tours

Cycling is a delightful way for experienced and novice cyclists to gain real insights into this wonderful country and its people.

Our tours are suitable for all ages (youngest so far is age four and eldest seventy-nine) and levels of experience (providing you can ride a bike) . Families have regularly toured Srirangapatnam where we have small cycles, tag-along and have now introduced a cycle seat for toddlers.

Our tours last for over four hours and cover 12-14 kms. They offer an intimate introduction for 2-4 people. Individual tours can also be arranged.


Mysore Heritage Tour

Our original tour is in Mysore city, introducing the heritage of the city, visiting some of its diverse local communities and passing by the institutional buildings created by the Maharajas. These start at our base at Mysore Bed and Breakfast at 7 am and include a guide, cycle and a late breakfast (so might be worth carrying a couple of bananas!)


Srirangapatnam Tour

Our tours of Srirangapatnam focus on the historical fort, the island and include aspects of local culture and religion. They take in both tranquil and sometimes hectic, lovely riverside locations and are usually in the morning. It’s constantly changing but currently is a popular mix of town, village, farm and fields…… and so provides valuable insights, a meandering tour and the opportunity for great conversations.

Srirangapatnam is just 35 mins from the centre of Mysore and one of our trusted friendly fare’s fair auto-rickshaw drivers, can be booked to take you out there.

Why not make it into a full day? After the tour have lunch at the riverside and then go inside the summer palace or temple with the auto rickshaw.

Check our MyCycle video


Personal Bespoke Tour

All our tours are personal but especially for those who have been on one of our original tours. Our personal tours can be arranged any day, anytime of the year, for half or a full day with a flexible early morning start between 7-8 am or after lunch and can sometimes be arranged to start at your hotel. They will be tailored to individual interests. Please do ask for more information if you are interested in these special tours.

Recent personal tours have included a:
~ mix of the Mysore and Srirangapatnam tours to create a full day tour complete with lunch in a riverside location.
~ the Mysore tour, lunch at our BnB followed by a tour of the nearby villages
~ full day in Srirangapatnam with riverside lunch and visit to the bird sanctuary.
– for the keen cyclists, our Gravity Tour…. an early morning cycle up Chamundi Hill, an exhilarating ride down and tour of the local countryside
~ special interest tours for bird watchers and photographers

Tandem Tours are also now available.

Our cycles can be adapted to carry toddlers and young children for the srirangaptnam tour.

OUR MyCycles: are carefully selected for the appropriate tour. We use multi-geared Hercules  or Trek Hybrids for use on our Mysore Tours and


Single Gear Cycles for the country lanes in ( flat) Srirangaptnam


Our Child friendly cycles include tag-a-along, child seat, small adult and children’s.


MyCycle hire

For guests of Mysore bed and Breakfast who have been on a MyCycle Tour our cycles can be borrowed for personal trips in Mysore and around.

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