Occasional update March 2021

Travel again?

A recent article about ‘global travel trends’ …. emphasised that people were looking forward to travel again….. we can understand why.

Guess where was top of the list? Yes, India.

They emphasised different ways to travel, all of which we have experience of here. For example:

Travelling sustainably, of course, more people are conscious of how they travel and getting to know a place better, going for depth and less of breadth. In a previous life I advised business on sustainability.

More people are looking to work while travelling, say hello to the digital nomad, Tom and Amy are our very own examples of young people with a new approach and zest for life. We’ve lost count of the times they’ve been to stay.

Want to work and travel? check out India, come and stay.

Safety in terms of one’s health and not being in risky personal situations, when we do reopen we’ll be up to the minute, in terms of best practice. In addition, we have experience of many single women travellers calling in here, some starting their travels in Mysore so we can help you find your feet, put you in touch with others and give helpful advice.

Travel is always an adventure and we often have people, including the Sari Sisters from Vancouver Island, Stephen Fleming the intrepid bee hunter cyclist from England venturing out on their own cycle tours, for example from here into the Nilgiris, Kodagu, or to Cochin or Goa. We’ve put cyclists in touch with other’s who have cycled the same routes to get insightful advice and great suggestions.

So when making plans do search around this site where you’ll find all sorts of advice for travel in India, in the South and especially in and around Mysore.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask, we might know or our community of friends: previous guests and local contacts will know.

Things to do Locally

We do also of course have our ‘world famous’ MYCycle tours

I was out cycling with our neighbour Verendra and just today we Invited in and given a guided tour of the Pinjrapole society where cows are given a home, yes, imagine an old cows home, with 4000 residents. check it out.

We look forward to meeting you again or for the first time!

Stephen and Lucie, Manjula still with us.



We hope you and your family are managing OK

It’s a year since our last guests stayed at Mysore Bed and Breakfast. What a year it’s been. We miss you!

Our wonderful new banner in our downstairs entrance created from Manjula’s clothing by Jacqui, a multi-talented previous guest.

It’s been a challenge for us all, with fewer visitors and friends to make Lucie has found it difficult, she’s stuck with me!

Our biggest challenge is missing Manjula, it’s been two years now. We’ve just arranged Pooja and a meal for us and the crows (to reach Manjula’s soul) ? More details here

She’s present with us as we cherish her smiling energy and joy.

Yes we’ve added even more art…. and a library and …

We look forward to re-opening and seeing you later this year please do contact us to find more details, check this or our regular updates on our other site or on Instagram #meandmycycle

From Stephen, Lucie and Manjula who is very much still with us.

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