Manjula’s Kind

Manjula was one of a kind….. a smiling beacon, radiator of love, a unique kindness all rolled into a witty, fun filled caring and compassionate beautiful woman. Think I’m biased? 😉 she was my boss, no no she would insist we were equal.

We were together for over nine years and she created Mysore Bed and Breakfast, and I started MYCycle Tours shortly after we met. We were married in 2018 and she sadly died of a heart attack in 2019.

Manjula is very much still with us in our hearts and in our home. We invite you to come share our home, get to know Stephen, Lucie and of course Manjula.

We’ll add links to this page that help introduce you to Manjula’s kindness.

Our story was shared on but there’s a lot there and it can be a challenge to find your way around. If you choose to go direct there are some real gems. Go first to the contents page, or check below to help you find your first nibbles…

The sad announcement on 23rd March 2019

An earlier happy announcement

Do check the BIG photo album

We’ve always been open about our lives, it comes with the territory of sharing our home and our hearts. We’re that kind.

Do please write, introduce yourself and we hope you’ll visit.

Our very best wishes,


and of course Manjula and Lucie

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