We often have requests from guests for postcards to send to family and friends or as a souvenir of their visit. We know its bit retro but eh….we’re therefore planning to publish a small selection for future guests.

Check the photos we’ve posted on flickr (click the link at the word POSTCARDS) and tell us which you’d like to see as a postcard. Select the top three and send the relevant letters (they are labelled A onwards) to The overall preferred images will be published.

In addition if you have favourite photos or would like to see postcards of specific places in and around Mysore tell us and we’ll go out on a photo shoot.

Family Tours are Tops!


Bouke and his family on the Srirangapatnam Tour.

Bouke has been a great supporter of MYcycle since our launch in 2010. Two of our early customers were his mother and father from the Netherlands. They still hold the record as our ‘most senior’ guests to have ridden the Mysore heritage tour. This weekend the whole family together with his brother Gerrit joined us for our Srirangapoatnam tour and broke many more records. The most children on one tour (three), the tallest guests, and Elise age 8 is the youngest to have completed the tour, without any assistance, on one of our new small cycles. As you can see we now have small adults cycles for age ten upwards and a tag-a-long trailer bicycle for ages approximately 4-8. a great day out and well done kids!!

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