Our Story, so far…

P1080070We share our story of life together, Stephen moving to India over six years ago, Manjula initially come to work for him and then turning into ‘the boss’, the challenges of living in India and the wonderful adventures we have with guests at Mysore Bed and Breakfast and our MyCycle Tours.

This site describes what we offer here in Mysore to help your visit be a success and its crammed full of info to help you plan your trip and decide what to include in your itinerary complete with useful maps.

Just now we’re  back from Manjula’s first time out of the country to the UK for her BIG trip. That’s after the ordeal of applying for Manjula’s very first passport and visa. It was not straightforward, as you might imagine but the reward was amazing. As she settles back into Mysore she reflects on her experiences and the differences between India and the U.K.

Check our journal, blog thing for more……

 Our story and life in India




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