About Us

Manjula’s Mysore provides for you:

~ Mysore Bed and Breakfast our home that we hope you will find, a great place to stay
~ MYCycle, guided cycle tours of Mysore and Srirangaptnam or tailored to your particular interests.
~ Fare’s Fair, auto rickshaw tours, A to B journeys and cars for airport pick up or to continue your journey
~ Information and Advice about Mysore, the surrounding area, things to do and all things India AND we’ll tell you if we don’t know!

all to help you have a great time in wonderful India.



Manjula team

We each have our own projects

Manjula and I set up the place over eight years ago.

Lucie somehow thinks we’ve set-up the BnB just for her to make new friends. She can be a little over-friendly but has a heart of gold.

Manjula originally from Mysore has worked for families in Bangalore and Mumbai then married me. She died earlier this year after a long term chronic lung illness but we keep the place going exactly as she wanted in her memory. Without a doubt you’ll find her presence here in what is still a very happy place.P1080070

Me. I’m from the UK had a varied career most recently working with corporates helping them to be ethical, whilst designing and delivering leadership programs, including for TCS and OUP but what’s really important, is I’ve fallen in love with India and my gorgeous wife. Now I realise how great it was to have such an incredible mix and variety of visitors from around the world. I love it! I also lead our cycle tours.

Looking  forward to meeting you


We have a team of great drivers using auto rickshaw and cars to help meet your needs in and around Mysore, pick up at the airport and moving on to further afield.


Here’s the top Auto Rickshaw (they are not called Tuk Tuks) Team, (first photo) from the left: Satish, Vasanth, Lokesh and Babu who between them have 50 years experience providing transport to local and international guests. Our two main car drivers are Vally (pronounced wally) and Aziz.



Tanu (Tanuja) is second from right with her daughter, together with Manjula and guests of Mysore Bed and Breakfast. Tanu has become a great friend. An absolute mine of information she also provides a range of great tours covering nature, textiles and much more.


Manjula’s two close friends: Tanuja and Satish are now Directors of the company together with me.




An artist, designer and all round reliable and trustworthy friend and colleague, he’s designed all our logos and much much more






Vidya, has a very important role. She has transcribed Manjula’s story into English from the  Kannada recording for Stephen to use in telling Manjula’s story. It will be posted here







lives most of the time on Srirangapatnam , previously, one of our guides and he’s now moved on to focus full time on his farm. He remains a good friend and a continued source of help and advice.





is the owner of our house, who kindly comes to hang out and supervise whenever there is a BIG job such as the recent repainting of the outside.

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