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The first of our tips focus on how to deal with some of the challenges you might face, particularly if you’re a first time visitor to India. So if you’re aware, take your time, and follow the simplest traveller rules you’ll find India the richest of experiences where you’ll wish to return for more. Number… Continue Reading →

Top Tips

Number Two India will change you. It’ll take you out of your comfort zone and you’ll not want to find your way back. Maybe 😉 Most people love India and it’s people, and admittedly a very small number find it a step too far. Whatever you feel it’s unforgettable. You just need to be aware… Continue Reading →

Top Tips

Number One It always takes longer than you expect! You’ve decided to visit India, maybe for the first time. Although regular travellers, including myself,  make exactly the same mistake, of not accounting for the fact that everything takes longer. Its all part of the challenge. To have decided to come here you’ve already been on… Continue Reading →

Top Tip 4

Is about tipping Its quite amazing how many people forget to tip or think its not done to tip (really?!) Tip, Obviously if you’re happy with the service you’ve received provide a thank you in the form of a tip. Round it up, minimum 10 Rs maybe five to ten percent of the cost. There is… Continue Reading →

General Resources

This page will change regularly and is designed to provide useful signposts and background information about Mysore and India to help you plan your visit. Do write to to provide feedback, ask questions and make suggestions. STOP PRESS: latest additions (September 2019): E-visas now available for up to five years. More information on Trip Savvy… Continue Reading →

Our Story, so far…

Manjula (from Mysore), Stephen (from the UK) and Lucie (from the street) set up Mysore Bed and Breakfast and Mycycle Tours over nine years ago. This site describes what we offer and highlights other interests and activities here in Mysore to help your visit be a success. It’s crammed full of info to help you… Continue Reading →

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